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The Perfect Vegan Breakfast Bowl

Working a corporate job is all fun and games until it’s 7:30 am, you haven’t eaten a vegetable in 2 days, and you’re rushing to the office 🙂 Not like this has happened or anything…..

I’ve started walking to my office now that it’s SUNNY and BEAUTIFUL out (thank you Chicago!!!!) – which means I need to leave a little earlier than I would like. But it means I have time to soak up the sunshine before I go into my cubicle.

As life has gotten busier, sometimes I only have time to make one true meal a day. I have my meal prep, but if we’re being honest…. it gets kinda boring by day 4/5. That’s why I’ve become OBSESSED with making this vegan breakfast bowl, featuring my favorite grain… QUINOA! Specifically, Keen One Quinoa!

I feel so lucky to have spent four years in Boulder, CO as a student, and their quinoa cups are truly my life saver. When I have a busy morning, I love taking one of their cups and packing them to the brim. They’re packed with flavors, nutrients, and protein all while being accessible and easy.

In this bowl, we started with the base: Quinoa. I did their harissa red pepper cup to pack a punch of flavor and spice. Once I cooked it in the microwave, I sautéed with some cauliflower rice for extra fiber and volume.

Then I paired it with this bean salad I made: black beans and garbanzo beans mixed with lime juice and chili lime seasoning – can you tell I love lime?

Then, I added in some steamed kale for extra greens, fiber, and flavor – plus, eating kale in the morning just makes me feel superior and like I can do anything. I added in leftover sweet potatoes from meal prep for all da CABBS (I looovvveee carbs).

Then we got the GOODS: avocado, pico and hemp seeds!! I feel like I add them to everything but they are just SO good. Like… SO GOOD. I am obsessed. I mean who isn’t obsessed with avocados (maybe if you have allergies?)

I love this bowl because I’m able to get all my nutrients in while also eating the rainbow and enjoying it! Keen One Quinoa makes it so easy to mix together everything for max flavor while also fitting in veggies… what could be better!

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