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What I Ate ONE DAY While Working a 9-5

Why hello friends! We’re back at it with a what I ate ONE DAY, because every day is different and to be honest…. what I eat culture is toxic AF (and that’s coming from someone with a food Instagram)….

But, I enjoy sharing meal inspiration, why I ate something one day, and showcasing how I incorporate healthy choses into a balanced diet. I also want to remind you that every day is truly different, and this is the furthest thing from a diet (for example, on the day I am writing this, I had a bag of Lays chips for an afternoon snack because I was ravenous and needed something to get me through… don’t come for my wellness girlies).

I also want to highlight that healthy meals are not hard, and can be pretty cost effective when broken down. I’m all about finding foods I like and getting creative. As you know from my Instagram, we’re not breaking the bank on our groceries, because we got a dog to feed (I write this after paying a $600 vet bill), rent to pay, and a life to live.

When I discovered Keen One Quinoa back in college, I knew I had no choice but to be obsessed. Usually I am not one for pre-made food because I like being creative, but when it’s 7:30 and you have a dog to feed, makeup to apply, and a train to catch, sometimes all you have is 5 minutes and meal prepped food.

Their cups are PACKED with plant based protein, and since I try to stick to a pretty balanced diet of vegetarian protein sources, they are perfect. They have been a staple in my pantry for months, and I see no signs of stopping!

OK… onto what everyone is here for. THE FOOOOOOD! Because we’re all noisy individuals and enjoy seeing peoples lives.

I have been on a toast KICK lately, and I think I’ve realized my favorite part of recovery is discovering my love for sourdough bread. I LOVE a good Ezekiel bread but my gosh.. something so special about sourdough. I eat breakfast around 8:15, so I like to have it be one of my bigger meals! Can never go wrong with savory and sweet.

I got to the office and realized my happiness does indeed come from coffee. I’ve been on a cold brew kick and am trying to justify the $5 bottle, and I’m convincing myself it’s working. I bring a big thing of it and pour some almond milk and dairy free creamer in!

Then lunch hits around noon, and I am ready to MUNCH. On this day, I made a packed bowl of Jamaican Jerk Keen One Quinoa with soft boiled eggs (superior method in my opinion), a kale lemon Salad, and avocado (a true tennishealthfitness classic in my opinion).

This is my favorite flavor I think because the flavor is just out of this world!!

Then my sweet boss brought us coffee, so my afternoon pick me up was some cold brew with almond milk, as well as more Dunkin Donuts munkins than I can count (glazed is my fav!)

Dinner is a toss up most nights because I really try to be social when I can (this was on a Monday, and by Thursday’s I’m worn out, so I should say at the BEGINNING of the week)… I spontaneously went to a happy hour with some friends and it was very worth it! Truffle fries, poke, and calamari all for $20 TOTAL. Worth it.

I also got a beer cause balance, and because sometimes it’s nice on a Monday.

I ended the night early because I am a certified grandmother and waking up at 4 am does take a tool on me.

I hope this gave you some meal inspiration beyond chicken and rice, and once again, my goal is to not promote only specific foods, but to remind you life is meant to be enjoyed, and eating healthy is FUN!!! A special thanks to Keen One for sponsoring this post – even before I began working with them I was a huge fan, so it’s always nice to work with brands I love 🙂 See you all soon!!

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