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  • The Perfect Vegan Breakfast Bowl

    Working a corporate job is all fun and games until it’s 7:30 am, you haven’t eaten a vegetable in 2 days, and you’re rushing to the office 🙂 Not like this has happened or anything….. I’ve started walking to my office now that it’s SUNNY and BEAUTIFUL out (thank you Chicago!!!!) – which means I…

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  • What I Ate ONE DAY While Working a 9-5

    Why hello friends! We’re back at it with a what I ate ONE DAY, because every day is different and to be honest…. what I eat culture is toxic AF (and that’s coming from someone with a food Instagram)…. But, I enjoy sharing meal inspiration, why I ate something one day, and showcasing how I…

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  • Packing a Lunch for the Office 101

    Packing a Lunch for the Office 101

    When I moved to Chicago in September 2021, I wasn’t exactly making bank. I took a contract role at a big marketing firm that paid $17 / hour…. rounding out to about 30k / year after taxes had I stayed there for a full year. Thankfully, I’ve always been a budget queen, especially when it…

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  • About Me

    About Me

    Hi! So great to have you here… writing this feels like writing a “why me” for a college essay or a job application, except way more relaxed. My name is Danielle – I’m a 22 year old living in Chicago, IL with a passion for food, happiness, and health! My journey to get here is…

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